Fe-safe, on the market for more than 15 years, is Simulia solver for fatigue analysis

  • HC fatigue or infinite life fatigue
  • Low Cycle fatigue
  • fracture mechanics
  • thermo-mechanical fatigue and creep

Fe-safe can count on the most modern and experienced algorithm for the multi-axial stress-based or strain-based fatigue analysis approach.

Fe-safe add-on:

  • Safe4fatigue, tool for the manage, the treatment and the measurement of fe-safe/rotate signal, fatigue analysis of rotating components with axial symmetry.
  • Verity allows the calculation of fatigue life of welded joints thank to an algorithm developed by Battelle Institute
  • fe-safe/TMF for thermo-mechanical fatigue
  • fe-safe/TURBOlife developed in collaboration with Serco Assurance is used in the creep analysis.
  • Composite
  • Rubber

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