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The virtual simulation based on “calculation” to address project innovation

Take part in our free webinar to learn about the real industrial applications developed in the various industrial sectors: from automotive to aerospace, from biomedical to packaging. Each activity is carried out thanks to a combination of skills, experience and collaboration between Exemplar and the Industrial and Academic Partners. The industrial cases presented will have among the strengths the Simulia suite with Abaqus, with the peculiar robust ability to simulate the most diverse phenomena: from the verification of the component performance to the simulation of the industrial process of manufacturing the component itself. November 11th, 2020 – from 11AM to 12AM

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CST Studio Suite

With the technological challenges introduced by electric mobility and 5G, electromagnetic simulation has become one of the tools necessary for a multiphysics analysis in the industrial design process. CST Studio Suite provides, in a single package, a range of solvers able to tackle any problem, from static to very high frequency fields, using different numerical methods, with the possibility of combining them in a hybrid way to analyze complex systems in compatible times with today’s market demands. In this webinar we will see the tools available and some cases of applications made with CST. October 21st, 2020 – from 11AM to 12AM

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Exemplar Webinars: SIMULIA ABAQUS | Thursday, 11th June 2020

Take part in our free webinar on Abaqus, the FEM software recognized in providing robust and complete solutions for the calculation / simulations of various levels of complexity and for different fields of application: from automotive to aerospace, from biomedical to packaging. One of the strengths of Abaqus is the simulation of the most diverse materials; in this Webinar we will deepen the wide library of constitutive models available in the software that allows to simulate the “realistic” behavior of materials with particular focus on the simulation of elastomers, plastics and special materials also for biomedical use. We will talk about how to characterize the material both from a static and dynamic point of view with the help of Abaqus and some application examples. When? 11th June 2020 from 11 am to 12pm Specialist Mauro Parodi Exemplar’s Technical Manager

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