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Exemplar participates at Coiltech Italy 2022
Pordenone, September 28/29, 2022

Coiltech Iitalia is the fixed appointment of the electromechanical industry, every year in the last week of September.
A place of internationalization: almost half of the exhibitors and a third of the visitors come from abroad.

Coiltech carries out the World Magnetic Conference in conjunction with the fair.
Since the first edition, the organizers have found the conference to be an excellent opportunity for exchange, stimulating for the industry and an important incentive to visit the fair.

The conference is an opportunity for practitioners to share their research results and discuss them with their peers in corporate and academic settings.
Coiltech encourages the facilitation of this exchange, so there are no participation fees or contributions. The only criterion the Steering Committee uses to choose presentations is the technical validity of the proposed work.
Since 2010, more than 130 companies and academic institutions have participated with at least one presentation.

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