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Dassault Systèmes: the era of the virtual twin begins, the world will be better off


The evolutionary journey experienced by Dassault Systèmes over the last thirty years began with the invention of 3D, with Catia. Then came the digital mockup, a single scheme to create complex systems, collaborating. Then it was the turn of Plm, which introduced time into the product (the Toyota case is emblematic). In 2012 the 3DExperience platform, to represent the perception of products, the sensation they generate.

Now we are entering the virtual twin experience of humans: “We imagine that we can cure man by studying his digital twin – explains Porro, managing director of Dassault Systèmes in Italy -. We are able to optimize all the experiences of the productive world by transferring it to the biological world. Well aware that life is not made up of parts, but is a single interconnected element”.

Therefore, the challenge facing Dassault will be to see the whole as one.
“We are convinced that the virtual extends and improves the real world, because things can study each other. I don’t like to say digital twin, because it’s representative of a description of the real, static. Instead, we have to describe different simulative stages, evaluate the behavior to choose the best solution”. That’s why for Porro it is better to say virtual twin.

We will have more and more interconnected value-added ecosystems in which real and virtual merge, therefore, and we need a platform to do it.

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Ambition Health Care

The future of healthcare will be shaped by inclusive, end-to-end platforms, Porro explained. From research to preclinical development, from clinical trials to compliance, from manufacturing to commercialization. “A revolution we want to impose. We have the resources to develop the scientific culture. More than half of clinical trials use Medidata solutions, hence the 3DExperience platform.”
And the virtual twin concept can also be applied to the human body, with the virtual organ development project. “We started with the most challenging one, the heart, comn the Living Heart program. A person’s heart is simulated and dropped into real and various scenarios.”
So the Dassault Systèmes scenario is one of personalized health: thanks to field data, models can produce ultra-specialized information for people, based also on the environment. Therapies become precise, punctual.

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