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New Release of Abaqus & fe-safe 2017



  • Enhanced Contact and Constraints
  • XFEM Contact Improvements for Abaqus/Standard
  • Advances in LCP (Linear Complimentary Problem) Equation Solver for Abaqus/Standard


  • Weld Fatigue Enhancements
  • Vibration Fatigue Improvements
  • Enhancements for Abaqus Users

New Release of iSight & TOSCA 2017



Updated SIMULIA Execution Engine (SEE)

  • Improved robustness and performance of TomEE

Component Enhancements

  • Abaqus component upgrade
  • Automated export of Runtime Gateway pictures



Tosca Structure 2017 enhancements

  • Improved fe-safe integration
  • New Tosca Python driver integrates Abaqus and Tosca together, offering up to 75% faster runtime performance

Tosca Fluid 2017 enhancements

  • Tosca Fluid improved interfaces for: StarCCM+ 9.02 – 11.04



Concept to Production Using Simulation Insight for Additive Manufacturing

Realistic physics-based simulation is a keystone that enables us to construct innovative and reliable industrial additive manufacturing processes.  In this eSeminar, we will explore how simulation enables a seamless connection between virtual and real representations of what we design and build with new Additive Manufacturing technologies to:

  • Enable new organic designs
  • Engineer optimal material compositions and microstructures
  • Control processes for reliability and reproducibility