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1-4 December 2020
Venue: ON LINE

The capacity assessment of corroding reinforced concrete, fibre reinforced concrete and prestressed structures has become a most relevant engineering task with a significant social and economic impact. The need to develop codes for use in the practice spurs the research community to establish and share methods for the determination of material deterioration and mechanical properties, member resistance and structural capacity.

Special sessions are organised during the workshop. Authors are invited to select the session at which they will present their papers. At the beginning of each session, chairpersons prepare two education presentations: the first one illustrates the fundamental, while the second one the research challenges of the topic treated in the session. Therefore, the virtual workshop offers didactic material for engineers, practitioners and a forum for scientists, concrete technologists, researchers, and academics to get a deeper knowledge about the corrosion of reinforced concrete structures.

Accepted papers will be included in the Proceedings of the Workshop that will be send to Scopus-Database.

Awards will be made to the most outstanding paper presented by a fib young member and to the most excellent paper presented in the workshop. will be awarded.

As a speaker, You will present in streaming on Zoom from anywhere in the world. Anyway you will be invited to record your presentation and send it to the Organising Committee within 22.11.2020.
We will use the registration only in the case, for any reason, you are unable to connect to zoom at the time scheduled for your presentation.
The author will have to sign an authorization document in order to grant the use of the videos by the organizing committee for the purpose of the event.

The authorization document will soon be available on the website www.cte-it.org.

Recording/downloading of your video by other participants is strictly forbidden.