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The 2022 version of WoundSim is available with impressive list of new features.

WoundSim is a next-generation tool used to design, simulate and optimize composite overwrapped pressure vessels (COPVs). A graphical interface is used to instantaneously view the composite layup as the table of the composite layers is defined. Layer thickness buildup is automatically calculated, along with the continuously varying wind angles. Smeared material properties are computed and assigned throughout the COPV.
Thanks to the integrated FEA software translator, a run-ready FEA model can be instantaneously generated to assess the thermal and mechanical responses of the COPV.
WoundSim can be used as a replacement solution for the Abaqus WCM plugin (Wound Composite Modeler).

Main new features:

  • New user-friendly GUI,
  • Flexible layup construction with advanced LAYER-BY-LAYER controls,
  • Support for DOILIES,
  • Geometry SMOOTHING parameters and tapered layer endcaps,
  • Enhancements to WIND ANGLES computation near layer turn-around positions,
  • Abaqus/EXPLICIT solver support to model drop tests and high-speed impacts,
  • Enhanced MESHING parameters including automatic mesh possibility


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