Over the years Exemplar has established several strategic and technological partnerships that allow us to offer the best service and advice in research and development.

We offer a new approach to innovation and doing business in the experience economy.
Our business is innovation.

Thanks to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, we provide software solutions that allow customers to create innovative new products and services using virtual experiences. Our aim is to build a new development model to address the major challenges facing the world today.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform, a game-changing platform for business and innovation.
We have entered the age of a platform-based economy. Value is created by connecting people, ideas, data and solutions. Our 3DEXPERIENCE platform is the only platform that’s both a system of operations to run a business and a business model to transform a business. It provides an environment that empowers users to innovate in entirely new ways.

Headquartered in Troy, MI, Visual Collaboration Technologies is a privately-owned software solutions company.

VCollab has helped more than 100 manufacturers digitally transform the CAE process and deliver better products by enabling 3D design review, providing comprehensive 3D simulation insights to be shared across teams, locations, and global supply chains.

By automating the process of extracting, merging, and reporting simulation insights in high-fidelity, browser-viewable 3D models, we make these critical simulation insights accessible to everyone involved in the design and manufacturing process. We digitally transform the 3D design review process by reconciling the results from multiple CAE solutions providing better simulation insights, facilitating faster design decision making.

Detroit Engineered Products (DEP) is an Engineering Solutions and Product Development company. Since its inception in 1998 in Troy, Michigan, USA, DEP is now a global company with footprints in Europe, China, Korea, Japan and India.

DEP use the accelerated and transformed product development process, accomplished by utilizing revolutionary proprietary platform, DEP MeshWorks. Using MeshWorks, DEP are focusing on rapidly reducing the development time of products for all segments across industries like Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Biomedical, Energy, Oil & Gas, Consumer Products, Heavy Equipment etc.

S VERTICAL is founded by experienced mechanical and software engineers coming from Dassault Systèmes and other large companies. 

In other words, our team is made of expert users of ABAQUS and other FE-Simulation tools.
Based on our long experience in the FE-Analysis field with different industries, we built our own vision to support our customers during their projects and digital transformation.

This makes us providing high quality engineering services and integrated simulation Tools (Vertical Applications), all this focused to increase the value and reduce the costs.