Automotive & Railway

We work in partnership with some of the most important corporation, with Politecnico di Torino and we take part in innovation and research projects, in degree thesis and in many other projects.

Here are some examples of works and methodological research activities developed by Exemplar with some important industrial groups:

  • Simulia Customer Conference 2011- Process Automation for the Construction of a Finite Element Model of a Diesel Powertrain, GM Powertrain Europe, Exemplar

  • Simulia Customer Conference 2011 – CAE Process and Automation Strategy in BREMBO, Brembo

  • Simulia Customer Conference 2015 – Topology Optimization of a Motorcycle wing Arm under service Loads using Abaqus and Tosca, SACMI Group, Universita` di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Exemplar srl

  • Autmoatic Assembly Tool FEM Automatico, ATA Ingegneria Dell’AutoveicoloMay 2008.

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