Abaqus defines a new standard in the analysis of finite elements. Realistic simulation becomes part of the engineering value chain. It is market leader in CAE software.

Abaqus together with Isight and SEE and TOSCA, belongs to Simulia brand of Dassault Systèmes.


They are tools for Collaborative Engineering and Design Automation.

Many engineers use a wide range of software tools to project and realize their products. Isight combine all those applications together to realize automated and optimized processes in one environment.


Efficient Optimization Based on FEA and CFD Simulations

Tosca, the technology to project components in a rapid and secure way.

Thanks to the topology optimization technique it is possible to obtain suitable project proposals that can be used in the first phase of the design. Later, thanks to Tosca Structure module and using shape optimization you can make changes in details that will make your product ready for the production.

Today, Tosca Fluid is the only system available for the topology optimization in the field of fluid dynamic.


fe-safe, on the market for more than 15 years, is Simulia solver for fatigue analysis.

  • HC fatigue or infinite life fatigue
  • Low Cycle fatigue
  • fracture mechanics
  • thermo-mechanical fatigue and creep

fe-safe can count on the most modern and experienced algorithm for the multi-axial stress-based or strain-based fatigue analysis approach.

fe safe add-on:

  • Safe4fatigue, tool for the manage, the treatment and the measurement of fe-safe/rotate signal, fatigue analysis of rotating components with axial symmetry.
  • Verity allows the calculation of fatigue life of welded joints thank to an algorithm developed by Battelle Institute
  • fe-safe/TMF for thermo-mechanical fatigue
  • fe-safe/TURBOlife developed in collaboration with Serco Assurance is used in the creep analysis.
  • Composite
  • Rubber


3DEXPERIENCE is a revolutionary platform for the simulation user and the enterprise. For the Simulation Specialist, the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform provides evolutionary functionality to extend his or her current set of expert tools. Capabilities such as high-performance visualization for very large models, batch and rule-based meshing, and collaborative assembly are unique to 3DEXPERIENCE R2015x, providing additional capability, efficiency, and through-put for existing simulation users, all based on the market-leading Abaqus technology.


Simpack is a general Multi-Body Simulation Software which enables analysts and engineers to simulate the non-linear motion of any mechanical or mechatronic systems.


XFlow is an innovative software for fluid dynamics analysis based on the Lattice-Boltsmann formulation, robust and efficient.

XFlow allows you to deal with complex CFD simulations such as transient analysis, with bodies in motion, multiphase flows, flows on free surfaces, fluid-structure interactions.

XFlow - barca



CST Studio Suite® is a high-performance 3D EM analysis software package for designing, analyzing and optimizing electromagnetic (EM) components and systems.

Electromagnetic field solvers for applications across the EM spectrum are contained within a single user interface in CST Studio Suite. The solvers can be coupled to perform hybrid simulations, giving engineers the flexibility to analyze whole systems made up of multiple components in an efficient and straightforward way. Co-design with other SIMULIA products allows EM simulation to be integrated into the design flow and drives the development process from the earliest stages.

Common subjects of EM analysis include the performance and efficiency of antennas and filters, electromagnetic compatibility and interference (EMC/EMI), exposure of the human body to EM fields, electro-mechanical effects in motors and generators, and thermal effects in high-power devices.