MeshWorks 2024 Webinar Series – Introduction Session

Join us to explore DEP MeshWorks 2024, a cutting-edge CAE platform transforming product development. Supporting EV and ADAS applications with AI/ML algorithms, it ensures fast go-to-market strategies. Enjoy rapid concept CAE/CAD model generation, advanced meshing/morphing, and streamlined process automation. Achieve exceptional results swiftly with DEP MeshWorks 2024, the ultimate CAE suite for modern engineering.


Topics Covered:

  • Innovative ROM Module: MeshWorks offers a highly automated Reduced Order Modeling (ROM) module, streamlining the creation of high-fidelity models from complex FE models.
  • Productive Electrification Module: eMOD is a specialized toolset for modeling electric vehicles (EVs) from system analysis to component analysis.
  • Highly Automated Process Workflows: MeshWorks provides specialized process automation functions, allowing rapid automation of repetitive CAE processes without scripting knowledge.
  • Groundbreaking Concept Modeling: The ConceptWorks module enables CAE engineers to create FE models without CAD, revolutionizing concept modeling.
  • Intelligent AI/ML CAE Framework: MeshWorks AI/ML technology comprises a suite of adaptive algorithms/models, including neural networks, approximation models, and response surface models.
  • Next Generation CAD/CAE Morphing: Next-gen CAD/CAE Morphing simplifies model reshaping with an integrated approach.
  • Advanced Post Processing: The MeshWorks post-processor offers multi-disciplinary functionalities for viewing and publishing analysis results, facilitating design improvements and optimization.
  • Cutting-Edge CAE Parametrization: MeshWorks provides a comprehensive CAE model parameterization engine with a broad range of parameters for all stages of product development.
  • Rapid Meshing & Modeling: MeshWorks features a powerful CAE meshing engine for rapid creation of 2D and 3D meshes from complex CAD data.
  • Time-saving MDO: MeshWorks serves as both a pre- and post-processor for topology optimization workflows, enabling de-featuring, minimalistic design creation, and automated concept FE model creation.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar will be extremely useful for those working with structures in the automotive, aerospace, heavy engineering, and construction sectors.

  • FEA/CAE/CFD Modelers, Engineers, and Analysts
  • Engineering Management & Advanced Engineering
  • Product Platform Managers
  • Conceptual Development Team

The webinar will involve live demonstrations of the software, and your questions will be answered live via chat or in the Q&A session that will follow the webinar.

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