“Structural meshing State-of-the-Art with MeshWorks 2023” Webinar

Wednesday 12 July 2023 11:00 am

Join our free webinar: MeshWorks 2023, software to innovatively create “State of the Art” Meshs

In this webinar Exemplar will illustrate how to verticalise and automate the creation of structural meshes in an efficient and robust way thanks to the unique features of MeshWorks.

We will give insights into Template Meshing, ConceptWorks, Process Automation and Mesh Morphing.

It will also be possible to see how MeshWorks handles Bolt Modeling, the creation of 3D Welds elements for fatigue analysis, as well as the generation of reduced-order concentrated models – ROM- for efficient crash simulations or similar.

Ing. Andrea Boscolo
Application Engineer

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