Exemplar / VCollab Webinar – Fast, Intelligent CAE Post-Processing with 3D Digital Slides

Wed, October 26, 2022
4:00 PM – 5:00PM

Join our webinar to learn how to transform the way you share CAE insights with your design stakeholders for quicker, better design decisions

The Problems

  • With reduction in physical test budgets and more reliance on simulation in general, CAE teams are being asked to conduct up to 30% more studies annually, often with no headcount increase
  • Product Development program timing is shrinking in many industry verticals meaning CAE teams need to deliver their CAE insights faster to their design stakeholders
  • Product complexity is driving the need for additional disciplines to be simulated… understanding how these different physics are interacting in the product is challenging using traditional tools
  • CAE teams are looking to provide their insights to their design customers across the enterprise in a more effective way to promote faster, more confident design decisions

How does VCollab help the CAE Engineer?

  • Replaces the current manual, boring work of post-processing and 2D PPT slide creation with intelligent automation that reduces the amount of time required to complete the post-processing and report-out steps by 60%-95%
  • Helps him more easily explain his CAE insights to his design customers by using VCollab’s interactive, 3D model based digital slides


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